One Essential Truth Pt. 1

My keys! I always have them on me or in my huge, grey backpack. But just when I was about to head out the door they were nowhere to be seen. I felt powerless. I can’t do anything if I don’t have my keys. I asked my wife. Nothing. There goes the day, I thought.Continue reading “One Essential Truth Pt. 1”

The Sabbath: Our Story Pt. 2

Around the year 105AD, somewhere in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) Ignatius of Antioch (a student of the apostle John) was traveling to Rome where he would be martyred for his Christian faith. He wrote letters to the churches as he passed through. These letters depict a devout and impassioned man who was ready toContinue reading “The Sabbath: Our Story Pt. 2”

The Sabbath: Our Story Pt. 1

I encourage you to read my first post on discovering Apostolic Christianity if you haven’t already. It will provide some context that will be helpful here. You see, I had gone on an all out search to find out what Christianity was all about when my wife and I became missionaries and I started readingContinue reading “The Sabbath: Our Story Pt. 1”

My Journey: Discovering Apostolic Christianity

I was going through a personal crisis of sorts. I don’t mean to be too dramatic but eternal issues do have a certain magnitude to them. Maybe it was the extra time that I had on my hands since my wife and I had left the States to become missionaries overseas. I had a lotContinue reading “My Journey: Discovering Apostolic Christianity”

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